The Story So Far...

Our mission has failed
The captain has been murdered
Systems are sabotaged
A virus has been brought on board

The ship’s computer is determined to find and punish the traitor who caused this mess. Maybe it's you!

There's only one way you’re getting off this ship alive:

Blame someone else!

The Crew


Jessica Zelen
After taking samples of an ultra-lethal xeno-virus for ‘essential research’, Dr Zelen has been reluctant to talk about her work.

First Officer

Swanson Grey
With the death of the Captain, Swanson thinks he’s in charge. He likes swapping the crew’s duties to deflect attention from his own ineptitude.


Darius Kim
They say hard work never killed anyone. Chief Tech Kim has made it his life’s mission to not be its first victim.


Carolyn Niebieski
You have to be insane to navigate hyperspace. Ensign Niebieski disagrees. And so do the little blue penguins who live in her head.


Mitzi Sakura
Mitzi knows something about everyone. She can keep a secret like the element francium can keep its sub-atomic integrity.


Tarek Ahmar
The sarge keeps the peace and dispenses justice. He also has acute paranoia, severe anger management issues and irritable bowel syndrome.

The Ship's Computer: PAM

PAM Says...

You can't leave until we've thrown the traitor out the AIRLOCK

PAM is slightly unstable and wouldn’t know a traitor if one sat on her motherboard. So, she’ll settle for terminating the worst crewmember instead. Make sure it isn't you!

Will you survive?

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